Wednesday, 24 June 2009


There has recently been a surge of interest in playing Blood Bowl

The game of fantasy football in the Warhammer world

We currently have at our disposal 3 Blood Bowl boards with at least 4 people so far showing interesting in playing a tourney/ league.

Anyones welcome to join in and if you don't own a team you can easily proxy players using standard Warhammer models, Blood Bowl is a very cheap game to play :P

A copy of the rules can be found legally online here, the rules are pretty easy to learn and a match can take around 60 - 90 minutes so its dam easy to get a few games in a evening...


  1. Sounds like fun, count me in :D I can always use my skelly stuff from Warhammer to make an Undead team

  2. In a recent pre-draft friendly, the "Inevitable City Sinners" beat the "Built in Morgue Ravens" with a 2-0 result.

    They are ready...