Sunday, 7 June 2009

Planning for a Warhammer 40K campaigm

With the two new 40K expansions 'Planetstrike' and 'Planetary Empires' soon to be unleashed Iv decided its time to start planning a 40k campaign to start rougthly August time when P. Empires gets released.

General setting for this campaign will be on an Imperial Mechanicus Forgeworld renowned for its somewhat radical theories and research. This is a perfect setting for a campaign as any army can find a reason to attack this forgeworld, be it an Imperial sanctioned attack on forges for tech heresys commited by the resident Mechanicus researchers, the looting of the technology contained within for whatever purpose devined by dark masters, the prevention of new technology from falling into the wrong hands, a tasty new experiment that would be most useful when consumed and incorperated into a hivefleet or armies that just want to take advantage of the planetary mess and get stuck into a joly good scrap.

The game would make use of the Planetary empires tiles and i feel confident we can create a truely awsome map of a region on our Forgeworld. Note that the first stage of the campaign will focus only on one region though it can be several hundreds/ thousands of miles long in real life terms, if the campaign is a sucsess we can take the wars to a new region of the Forgeworld or prehaps expand the current warzone with another Planetary Empires tile set.

The tiles can be easily replicated on a PC so people can post their game results and what tile the battles took place from which ever gaming venue they play at, meaning we will not be limited to playing at just my flat or Cheap Thrills stores for example.

Size of the battles played can be whatever the controling players decide, so people who have just started playing 40k can participate in the campaign with as little as 500 points. Large scale games such as Apocalypse can be planned as 'events' with a benefit being gifted to the winners.

I want this campaign to take advantage of the Cities of Death and the new Planetstrike expansion, as these offer interesting alteratives to standard battles. For example certain tiles i want to represent Forge worker hab districts- basicaly a dense cluster of housing for a nearby Forge's millions of workers, these games will take advantage of the Cities of death ruleset as armies clash in the close quarters urban mayhem. Planetstrike rules could be used against special base tiles/ starports or players taking advantage of a special campaign map advantage that could allow them to strike at any tile on the map!

Iv had an idea that weakling players that have been knocked out of the campaign could re-enter the campaign by using the Planetstrike rules, this could represent reinforcements arriving in orbit with fresh forces ready to make up for the incompitance of the original slayed commander!

Iv yet to decide on campaign scoring/ victory conditions, possibly something as simple as number of tiles controled or points gained for capturing certain tiles as the compaign progresses, for example a player took control of a hive tile, they gain 100 campaign points to represent the looting that took place when victroy was gained/ ocupation period. If the tile gets recaptured the original owner would keep his points as hes already moved out his loot to his fleet in orbit/ hidden it, the new owner would then get his 100 points. i expect some areas of importance will be hotly contested with players wanting the best tiles.

Thats all for now, much more to think about latter/ brainstorm with other people.

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